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Designers shouldn’t learn how to code.

You often hear this statement going around the tech X/Twitter bubble:

“Designers should code.”

The intention behind it is good, but the delivery is off.

Why should designers learn how to code? It doesn’t make much sense. It’s not a part of their job. It’s the engineer’s job to make sure the code is great.

And they are right to think so. In parts.

Designers should understand the medium they are designing for

The same way a print designer has to understand how a printer works — the type of ink to use on a specific type of paper, or the amount of space the printer requires around their design so it doesn’t cut off —, a software designer has to understand how a computer/browser works.

Understanding the constraints of the medium you’re working for is essential for a great outcome.

Some of the constraints when designing for the web are: speed, accessibility, responsiveness, the box-model, and browser-specific features:

Coding is not a part of a software designer’s job.

Understanding the medium is.