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Small iterations

I’m used to work on websites, or web apps that go from 0→1.

It means that whenever I start a project, it takes some time for it to see the light of day, and it only does when it’s fully ready.

Most projects are like that. You don’t want your customers looking at a work in progress anyway.

For personal websites (or portfolios), people usually follow a similar pattern. The difference is: most of them never see the light of day.


Because they fall into the perfectionism trap

We want to ship the perfect website, the one that captures our essence and personality, and also highlights our best work. So we spend hours in front of the computer designing, and designing.

In this process, we end up iterating hundreds of times without ever launching it once. Because it needs to be perfect before launching.

And that’s the problem.

For this website, I’m taking the iterative process of a startup:

Launch an MVP, then do small iterations

Instead of waiting for the 100th iteration to launch this site, I decided to launch the most bare bones version if it, and build from it, while it remains live.

So, if you’re reading this, welcome to this journey!

When you come back in a week, or a year, you’ll likely see a different site from today. It might only be the navigation that’s changed. Or the typeface. Or the color. Or a page that’s been added.

Anyway, if you spot a bug, you can let me know on X/Twitter or Posts.cv. I’d be glad to hear it.

PS: This post was first written with pen and paper, you know, like in the old days.